Tim Overman


Tim has been working with golfers of all abilities, using a simple yet effective style that gets students results. Tim’s relaxed personality helps him make learning golf fun,which has been a huge asset for Tim’s high level juniors that have gone on to receive scholarships. He believes that everyone can improve their golf game using a straightforward and natural approach that protects the body from injury. Time graduated from the Golf Academy of the South, with a degree in Advanced Teaching and Biomechanics.

Matt Strube

Matt is a certified golf geek who worked with Tim to lower his handicap from 24 down to 7 in just two-years. Matt started the game of golf as a college student, where he quickly developed his passion. Matt’s honors thesis, ‘The Golf University’, focused on bringing golf to the masses through a specialized golf training facility. Fast forward 20+ years, and Matt has partnered with Tim to bring a simple and effective golf instruction and training to the #AverageGolfer. Matt’s currently works a day job in the corporate investment world.